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Making Hand Blown Glass

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If you are looking for a specific color, shape, or style please email jaypaul@hand-blown-glass.com or call me at (888) 799-6131.
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using paper to shape blown glass
glass being flashed in a glory hole
using a propane torch to remove sharp glass
adding a jackline to the glass

Making Blown Glass Art

Thibault's History

In 2002 Jay-Paul Thibault first began working with glass in Atlanta Georgia. He has since taken private classes as well as course at JU in Jacksonville Florida.

The Artistry of Glass

Details about Thibault's Glass Art

A Wide Array of Vibrant Colors

Our colors come from Olympic Color out of Seattle Washington. These premium glass colors magnify the style of our glass art.

Thibault's Style

Every piece of art made by Jay-Paul Thibault is unique. The designs start off on a drawing board and are professional executed to provide the highest quality art possible.

Blown Glass Art

How the Glass is Produced

All blown glass starts off the same. A small "starter" bubble is created and layers of clear glass, colored glass, and other materials are added before the final shaper is created and placed in an annealer to slowly cool it. A single piece can take days, weeks, or even months to produce.